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    Remove SmartSaver+ 15


      I am trying to remove SmartSaver+ 15. I removed it from Program (Uninstall or change a program) it will not uninstall. Is this a Trojan? I have updated my McAfee but still have this problem with advertising opening all over the place.  I have used various methods sown on YouTube etc to uninstall but is still there. This happened on the 20/2/15 along with other Trojans which I managed to uninstall. In programs above SmartSaver+ 15 looks like software which I already had have been re-installed on the 23/2/15 -  Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 & McAfee Site Adviser on the 25/2/15. Is this because they were purchased just under a year ago and due for renewal? Can someone help me remove the SmartSaver+ 15 Trojan please? When I try to uninstall a large advertisement appears and says uninstall and get PC doctor free! In Small text underneath its says just install. When I select any of these It does not install I get more advertisements appearing.

      Thanks appreciate help.