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    McSvHost lag


      Since around the beginning of February this year anytime im doing anything on my PC i get these lag spikes from McSvHost, they only last for a split second and only take up about 42% but it causes things to stutter and typing right now lags up even.

      My PC is only 6months old an asus with 8cores and 16gb of ram and an ssd drive so theres no reason for it to be lagging at all, never above 30% is even in use. This has happened before in the past on my old machine and it usually ends up being some sort of windows/mcafee issue that after a month or two of losing my mind over constant lag spikes for no apparent reason gets fixed.

      I found an old thread from 2011 that said to disable Net Guard in the firewall settings. This fixes it instantly.


      I had a tech take over my pc the other day and lower the real time scanning to 'minimize the effect on the PC's Speed' which apparently usually fixes it. If i remove it and reinstall it i usually get a few hours where it runs fine no issues etc, then after a while there it is, lagging me up constantly.

      I've tweaked the settings a few times, if i disable the firewall it runs ok because i guess that disables the net guard, but as soon as i turn net guard back on, bam lagging again. so im not sure whats up. i'd have gotten rid of this already if i could fine another security suite that has the paranoid feature and asks me before something can access the net for the first time.


      Any help would be great.

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                          Just a few thoughts...Do you have any excessive Add-Ons/Toolbars installed, or no longer in use? Also Keeping a large amount of Emails in your Inbox can cause increased CPU usage. Have you ran a Windows Disk Clean lately?




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            Nah no addons or toolbars. and i dont have email setup on this machine. and disk cleanup is run every week. Its been fine since forever on this new machine, but randomly couple of weeks ago it just started. even just sitting here doing nothing it just lags up.

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              Hmmmmmm..I see. Well you certainly seem to have ample resources, so no High Latency should be the culprit. Quite possibly one of my Colleagues could add to the discussion, and offer some suggestions. Did you ask for your assistance to be escalated, with the chance of a Higher Tier Tech?


              May I ask what Version/Build of McAfee Protection are you running?

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                Yeah the help guy just said reset it, changing the one setting usually fixes it. He wasnt really of any help, just following his step by step guide i guess.

                McAfee securitycenter: 14.0   build: 14.0.207

                mcafee firewall is 15.0  build:15.0.154

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                  Thank You for the information. You indeed have the most recent Version. Actually I still am on 13.6.1592. Some of my Colleagues/Friends are running the 14.0.207 Version also, I will ask if they have experienced such as well.

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                    I am one one 14.0.207 and do not see any lag spikes . You said they happen even typing here as I am doing now . If you watch the Task manager can you see which program is doing this?


                    I am watching the cpu graph showing last 60 secs and in 5 minutes nothing above 5%


                    maybe if you find the program doing it you can in firewall settings for internet connections for programs disable netguard for that program.


                    Other thought is call support and ask for an escalation

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                      Thank you for your input PK

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                        McSvHost.exe thats the program that spikes upto 40% it says which causes the lag.

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                                             Then as Colleague Peacekeeper suggested, I would contact Technical Support and ask for assistance. In addition, ask for your concern to be escalated to a Higher Tier tech if you feel the need to.

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                          All the very best


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