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    McAfee Total Protection and Internet Explorer 11?


      Back in January when I was having problems with my computer/ McAfee, which turned out to be a Trojan that McAfee couldn't find but Malwarebytes did, and I came here for help somewhere in the various posts  made reference to McAfee being dependent on IE 11 for it's operation?

      Is "that" factoid" true? Can it be substantiated through McAfee help?


      I'm in a Catch 22 situation. I have a legacy  Lexmark printer that ceased functioning. Innuendo says it's a conflict with IE 11 and I've found no work around on line and it's a 6 year old machine no longer supported by Lexmark who got out of the "consumer" business a couple of years ago. The printer has only run 1615 pages through it in 6 years.

      I want to uninstall IE 11 and go back to IE 10. But if McAfee is dependent on IE 11 I quests I won't.


      So if someone can point me to something that verifies McAfee's dependency on IE 11 I'd appreciate it.


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          McAfee relies on IE for display and functionality but it doesn't have to be your default browser.   You could try going back to IE10 if you must but if McAfee acts up then that could be to blame.  Also remember that IE11 is Microsoft's most secure browser yet.

          If it were me I'd sacrifice the Lexmark in order to know I'm secure.   (Had bad experiences with Lexmark printers anyway, so now use Canon exclusively.)