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    McAfee Agent on VMware Horizon


      I am new to the VMware horizon. I understand the concept, in short virtual systems are created and connected by a thin client of some kind, one to one type relation ship.


      The question I have, has anyone had issues putting MA on in the VM Horizon systems ? I know the MOVE servers stuff is out there but we are not ready for that. Until we get there I was looking at just deploying the Agent to all the systems and let VSE, HIPS, DLP and the rest of the modules deploy out to them.


      Looking for feedback from ePO admins that have some experience in this realm



      My ePO environment

      ePO 4.6.7

      MA - 4.8

      VSE - 8.8 P2

      HIPS 8 P4 .2970

      DLP 9.2 and 9.3