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    ODS logs save in share path


      Dear Team,


      Can we do this for entire systems in McAfee EPO , for 200 systems can we store the log in
      single location...in share...path
      as its possible ..


      1) I will Create a null-session share on one of your servers.

      2) And next I will Change the On-demand-scan log location in the VSE policies and rename it to \\server\share\<COMPUTERNAME>_OnDemandScanLog.txt


      Is it possible to perform the above option? We are currently using VSE 8.8 Patch 4 version.


      This requirement is not for every time.


      From Project any 2 -5 machines infected with virus means, then
      client will ask to perform ODS from all systems.


      Also their query was we need all system ODS logs. From EPO
      server we can able to run query for Scan started and completed with Event ID
      (1202 & 1203)


      For ODS logs with complete information in text file we need
      to connect each machines from that project and then we able to collect the logs.


      How to fulfill my current requirement.is it possible or not. Or how we can perform this activity.


      Kindly help me in this regard. Its very helpful in our environment.




      Kumararaja J