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    Socks Questions


      Currently I'm testing socks an Version 7.5.1


      some questions:


      I tried:

      if connection.protocol equals Socks

           if protocolFilterable then applyfiltering


      If stored detectedProtocol and logged the findings...



        socks://www.heise.de:80          is HTTP and filterable

        socks://talkgadget.google.com:443 is TCP and not filterable

        socks://mtalk.google.com:5228    is <UKNOWN> but filterable??????


      I also found

      socks://mtalk.google.com:5228  is HTTPS and filterable ???


      All TCP detection does not work.... does this mean SSL in Socks is not possible? We Socks Error Code  4

      What about ssl interception with Socks?



      Are there any detailed configuration hints for SSL? Do you have any Best practices Documents regarding Socks?