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    Automatically push agent and VSE


      I'm in the process of implementing ePO and was wondering if it is possible to be able to "drop" a computer in a group in the system tree and have Agent and VSE automatically installed on that computer right away?



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          Richard Carpenter

          Hi morph 

          I'm not sure about the Agent, but we assign a criteria based tag , based on OS fingerprint to a system.  We then use that tag in a McAfee Agent product deployment task assignment to deploy VSE. 

          Our agents are baked into our WDS task sequence so they got deployed at runtime. 

          You can also deploy the agent during an Active Directiry Sync or Data Centre Connector discovery. 



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            Hi RIchard,

            Can you tell me some more about this part: "We then use that tag in a McAfee Agent product deployment task assignment to deploy VSE."


            Is the VSE deployed immediately after the tag has been assigned? I tried creating a deployment task. If I make it of type Continuous and apply it to a group (or attach it to a tag) will it install VSE right away once I add a machine to the group (or add a tag) (I will manually install the agent before that)? I tried creating a task like this that would install both the agent and VSE but it didn't work.



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              Richard Carpenter

              Sure thing morph


              We use Client Tasks rather than deployment tasks.


              So here are the steps for our process:


              1. Create Criteria Tag based on teh OS your interested in ie > WIndows 2003

              2.Create a client Task McAfee Agent > Product Deployment

                   Select the VSE install from the Current Branch

              3.Create a Client Task Assignment at your system tree location (in our environment MY ORGANISATION) and select the task you created above in the list on the far right, then bottom left 'Limit this task to clients which have the following tags, and select the tag you created in Step 1

              4. On the Next screen enabled the task and 'Run Immediately'


              The above process requires 2 ASCI to run, the first will give the server enough information (Ie OS Info) to run the tag criteria during ASCI and assign the tag to the system in the system tree.

              The Second ASCI will trigger the client to 'update' its client task list and add your task (created in Step 2) to the task scheduler, which will trigger the task immediately. The task will download the required files from the epO server and install the Endpoint product.


              This whole process we depend on your default ASCI interval set in you Agent Policy.


              This is the process we use to deploy all our endpoint solutions from VSE, Endpoint Protection for Mac, Solidcore(Application Control), McAfee Profiler, in fact anything in the Master Repository which can be deployed.


              I can provide screen shots tomorrow if you require them.




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                Thank you Richard. I got it working I wasn't aware that I needed to wait until the agent would contact the server. After 1 hour the agent contacted the server and then it installed the VSE.

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                  Richard Carpenter

                  Hi, morph


                  You can change the Agent-Server communication interval (ASCI) in the agent policy to eg 5 mins where systems don't have an endpoint solution to reduce the 'delay' in deploying the client task, and then change it to something more suitable after VSE is installed, but this does introduce more complexity.


                  or you can trigger an Agent Wake-up and Force Policy and Task refresh if required,


                  or just wait the 60 mins if that is acceptable for your organisation




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                    Thanx for the tip!