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    Security Center will not launch


      Please help,

      My security center starting flashing this morning "Your computer is at risk" and all my firewall's were turned off. When I followed the prompts to the Security Center the firewall would not stay on, green for 2 seconds back to red. I immediately Googled the problem and the solution was the Virtual Tool which I then downloaded and ran. The scan came back with problems but could not address all of them. The "Solve PC Issues" flag is saying to address the problems but it won't make a connection when I attempt to "Turn On" firewall either in Mcaffee or Windows.

      I've tried to launch the security center through the programs menu, desktop icons and the startup menu, all to no avail. Now when I run the Virtual Tool it simply goes back and forth endlessly trying to locate components etc. Mcaffee won't uninstall as I get the message, "Please wait for the current program to finish uninstalling or being changed". I've checked the startup menu and all the Mcaffee components are "started" and on automatic with the exception of the scanner, furthermore, all of the services won't allow me to stop, refresh or play as the icons are all greyed out. My apologies if this has already been addressed, I've done a lot of reading this morning...

      Thanks in advance, Chris