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    Help! My browsers have been taken over by extensions I can't remove....


      Hello all,


      This is a very annoying problem...


      In Firefox and Chrome ~( I'm using a desktop windows 8 pc) pop ups are out of control.  Every time I do a web search an advert pops come that is difficult to close.


      If I look in the extensions, in both browsers there is one there called UniDeaolis        This word usually appears somewhere on the popups, so I'm fairly sure this is the source of the problem.  I don't even use firefox anymore so was surprised to see it there.


      Every time I delate/remove the extension, it's back again on next reboot.  There are 5 users on the pc. 4 out of 5 of us have this issue


      My subscription with mcafee is fully upto date and all scans/updates show as clear


      I've tried googling this but nothing ever comes up for UniDeaolis


      I have tried the microsoft malware removal tool, and also the freeware spybot programmes - no joy. I have also looked at the add/remove programs section but cant see anything suspicious.


      Any advice appreciated


      Many thanks