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    Relatively new to McAfee, so how do product updates work?


      Hello, I've just switched from Norton to McAfee as I find McAfee less obtrusive, not least because of the fact you can choose which components/features to set up during the McAfee installation process, whereas Norton swamps your computer with a toolbar for every browser, amongst other things that I find unnecessary, straight off the bat..


      I started toying with the idea of switching to McAfee a few weeks ago when I installed my ISP's McAfee-based security product (BT's NetProtect Plus offering if anyone's interested), whilst I knew this wasn't based on the latest version of McAfee SecurityCenter, which a Google search told me was version 14, I also knew it'd give me an idea of what to expect because looking at screenshots online it was apparent that McAfee hasn't undergone many front-end changes in recent years.


      I decided I liked McAfee and bought a retail card for the latest version of LiveSafe from Argos for only £19.99 (on it's own, I didn't have to buy a new PC to get it at that price, much to my surprise). I have installed the relevant McAfee products onto the Windows computers, Android phones and tablets in my family home, without headache. I can see from the 'About' window that I am caught up with the latest build of SecurityCenter, which is good and brings me onto my actual question...


      I know that McAfee software from third-party service providers or computer manufacturers is not always kept up-to-date in keeping with current McAfee product lines, but will my vanilla McAfee retail card 'subscription' entitle me to the latest McAfee software, particularly at the end of the year when the '2016' product line will probably be released?


      If so, what are other peoples past experiences of update delivery, are they delivered to your computer automatically like daily protection updates or do you need to remove your current version and download the new one through your account (to clarify I'm talking major upgrades like from 13.0 to 14.0, not minor updates, ie. from 13.0 to 13.1)?