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    Issues after Upgrading to 13.6


      Hi, My McAfee Security Center upgraded to the 13.6 version on the 20th February. I didn't check for updates yesterday due to illness, but on booting up today the Real-time Scanner wouldn't stay on.

      I remember something similar happening with the previous version upgrade, so tried checking for updates. There was an update, which took ages to install (and apparently was the same version number as before), but this seemed to fix the Real-time Scanner. I ran MVT which said everything was fine, but after a reboot the same thing happened - the Real-time Scanner wouldn't stay on and it seemed to need updating again.

      Oddly, after another reboot everything seems fine: MVT can't find any issues and I've stopped getting warning messages. I'll contact Tech support if it happens again, but in the meantime here are my current Builds from the About page - do these look correct?

      McAfee Security Center


      Version: 13.6

      Build: 13.6.1529

      Affld: 105

      Last Update: 22/02/2015


      Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware


      Version: 17.6

      Build: 17.6.559

      Last Update: 22/02/2015


      Personal Firewall


      Version: 14.6

      Build: 14.6.495

      Last Update: 22/02/2015




      Version: 3.7


      Affld: 0

      Last Update: 13/02/2015




      Version: 14.6

      Build: 14.6.275

      Last Update: 22/02/2015

      Content Version: 5212

      Content Version: 09/02/2015 17:47:47

      Engine Version:


      QuickClean and Shredder


      Verison: 13.6

      Build: 13.6.353

      Last Update: 22/02/2015

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