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    Creating a SVA Policy and Save button grayed out


      Hoping someone can have a pointer for me to investigate, it's not clear why this is happening. I was able to do integration with NSX and successfully deployed the SVA on my test cluster. But when I try to create a SVA policy and fill out all the fields the "save" button remains grayed out. Some details (it's all evaluation versions just to be clear).



      MOVE AV (agent-less) :

      NSX Mgr.

      VCenter version (Appliance) Build 1891314

      ESXi version:



      I was able to create a Scan Policy and save it no problem but the SVA policy is causing me issues.


      I can only dig-up the events from the SVA which says;


      Scanner service warning, the SVA Policy contains blank values for the hypervisor information and therefore the policy was not applied.


      So this is exactly what I'm trying to add those details to the policy and have no "save" option. I sense I have missed some steps here e.g. licensing? So any clues to resolve are appreciated.


      Any clue?


      P.S. I'm following the product guide McAfee MOVE AntiVirus Agentless 3.5.0.