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    ADware removing ( Roll around)


      Dear friends,


      For some days ago I noticed that I got an ADware (Roll around, pc container something) in my windows 8.1 system, who slow down my systen and show all screen full of un-wanted adw´s in chrome.

      Last year it happend too, in other adware-versions but I removed and clean them away with success at that time.

      This time it really heavy difficult, I have tried to scan with 2 separate adware-removing softwares (adwcleaner 4.111 and Adware removing Tool 3.9.1. I tried also with Stinger, Bug bear etc, on the top of McAfee. All actions this for over 3 days now.

      Im temporary activate Adblock-plugin for Chrome, but its not optimal. The ADW´s is still there behind somewhere.


      I scan the system with Herdprotect to find all fragment, but it stopped everytime when it come to the folder "ProgramData".


      This ADW-software was included in what I beleive was in a audio/wma-converter software (who perfectly work).



      Anyone who have tips, tricks and suggestion to get rid of this Roll Around AdWare ??



      With best regards,


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          In certain instances it is best to reboot to Safe Mode with Networking, and run the Malware Tools mentioned. If all else fails, try reverting back to a Restore point when you did not experience this. Simply make certain that you Update Windows/Add-Ons/and McAfee.


          You can try these Superb Free tools here:Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

          You may find these two articles most informative: PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs - Basics


          Wishing you all the Best


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                      Did you try running Malwarebytes (Free)? If not I recommend running it in Safemode with Networking. To keep it (Free) Follow the instructions with-in that Link I provided. I would also run the Junkware Removal tool. I would also clear your Temporary Internet files/Temporary/Cache/History..Etc in all of your Browsers as well.


                       Please Utilize your Windows Disk Clean utility/or McAfee Quick Clean. Make certain that you have the option to clean the registry (Unchecked) And by all means, please refrain from using any Registry Cleaners. For doing so, can cause more harm than good.


                       Also you mentioned that you ran the herdProtect scanner. I have been following the reviews of this new scanner that utilizes numerous of other Anti-Virus Engines. This is a relatively  new "On Demand Scanner" Unlike Malwarebytes (Free) there have been reports of it not being compatible with your RTS. In some cases but not entirely.




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              Dear Catdaddy,

              tnx a lot for your adwise. I will check this more closely and follow your recommended asteps.  I will come back and reconnect about this.


              with best regards,


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                Hi julle,

                               You are quite welcome   That is what we all are here for, to assist the best we can. And yes please apprise us of your results, in case you may need further assistance.


                All the very Best


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                  Dear friends, collegues and behalf of McAfee personal,


                  Thanks a lot for your enhanced helping hand in this for me actual case  --with success !!   :-)    ( I hope so anyway: in facts I´ve start my pc-engine 3 times, connect and disconnect all things. Im even simulate TracePro to connect to the server .... (huhgh)  trust me - this software works !!!   Im happy - really !!




                  My spontanious question is:  WHY  ??   ( all actions fit to properly really, in real - is it so easy ?)



                  First;  Im quite curious of how these ADW´s existing and upcoming -- then Im supprised of how its expand itself;    the answer you find somewhere at "how we protect our self and the software":  in these cases we meant ground-force, or out line force, or inta-mediate force.

                  The threat is already inside your/the software like reader or Intracellular protection (simulation of that what ever) OR your UNPACKER SOFTWARE.


                  Like our healthcare problematic with herbal /anti-bacterial treatments it look like (and sounds like) it will be treateable and killed... (outside our cell-walls)  - but sometimes it will survive bwecause its hide inside (huhgh)

                  This exactly compareable with synthetics, like e-virus or similar unwanted fragment (cells) behaviour.


                  My point in this inlay of discussion is:

                  Pls, create a viritual bubble - install what ever, clean it up, then transfer...



                  How difficult can it be ?  !!!!!!!  

                  ( today´s news tell us:  you can search, find and destroy, also keep it in safe mode for a while... :-/    then you can extract again AND constrain it and put it in quarantain or whatever  ...  

                  - this behaviour is really ridiculous  !!!   Please  -why ?

                  1/  why its come up in the first place ?  (now, I speak about level 2 -3 / read: 2014/2015)

                  2/ why these "problem" always shows UP 2-4 days before last date of a virus-software outgoing date (and rising in activity until the software is paid) ...  ( This will be declared in separete article).



                  we are approx  200 members in (actual 187) who is in programming-area, we meet this problem every day (more or less) ...not at our own computers to be noticed, but inside our network-members and other customer ´system we see lot of xcrap


                  Our beleives is: most of these crap is created by existing software/virus protection/malware companys.    We beleive also that the solvement is connected to/with acrossed with "who ever" company - we dont beleive - we know !!



                  Well, Mr CatDaddy,

                  How to overcoming our view of this subject ?  - we are happy to co-operate , but... (


                  //with best regards


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                                   Just to clarify my thinking...I assume your issues have been resolved? Also did you read the two Articles in which I posted earlier on with-in this discussion? Of how this Pup/Malware may have arrived on your system?


                                    PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs - Basics


                      All the best


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