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    Using "Authorized override for IFP" in proxy mode



      we are using Web Gateway in IFP mode ( routers at branch sites ask permission posting URLs to WebGateway and WebGateway answers permit/block with IFP (n2h2) protocol.  The strategic

      rules that does "everything" is "Authorized override for IFP"  which has already been populated with black/whitelist  , users and so on.

      Now we would like to use WebGateway as proxy too, so we enabled proxy mode on port 9090 .

      When we use it with IFP Authorization override works correctly, when we use it as proxy we are shown the "User request screen" for override, but no user works .. as the "Authorized override for IFP" was

      valid just for IFP and not for proxy. SInce we would like not to have two ruleset instead of one, is there a way to use this rule in proxy mode too ?