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      Hello Everyone,


      Can any one tell me how to check the ports which are in listening on the machine where the McAfee SIEM is installed?




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          I know only this one -->


          Receiver Properties --> Data Sources --> Add --> Interface --> Communication

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            Thank you ..


            Actually i was installed the .OVF file of McAfee SIEM. and now i am not able to check the services which are enabled or port number which are listening.


            i was trying to access it by using ssh but failed.


            Please suggest me any other way to take access of that machine. for checking the services and the ports used on that system.



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              i have installed to, but i can access via ssh on port 22 or via HTTPS. Which service do you want to check? Bad question but do you set the IP, Subnetmask and Gateway right? Look on your virtual maschin and check this settings.


              Here a picture of the configuration menu



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                Hi xded,


                I was already done all the settings with my VM. like IP assignment,ACL clearing,Communication port assigning.


                And i can able to access it by using the HTTPS through browser. But i cant check the system setting or not able to made any changes on system.


                I was tried to access system by using SSH but failed. so suggest me if you have any solution regarding to this.





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                  I'm sorry my fault i didn't understand...


                  You can take on or off in the SSH connection in the System properties on the top right. Than Network Settings and than Main.


                  Another way is the ESM virtual maschine


                  ESC -> MGT IP Conf -> Comm Port Change to 22.


                  If you enable SSH on the initial configuration, you can disable the ssh Connection in the Webbrowser. If not you can Change the Setting in the Brwoser.