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    Problem with IP repution using email security (mxlogic)




      This is my first post, so hopefully this is the right forum.


      My company is a McAfee email security (mxlogic) customer.  We have recently made a change to our email system and have a new last hop MTA with new public IP (we do not use mxlogic for outbound filtering).  Our previous last hop MTA mail server is listed in trustedsource.org with a good reputation.  Our new IP is listed with a bad reputation.  Both addresses are in the same subnet.


      We are currently unable to deliver mail to any other mxlogic customers.  We get the standard 554 Denied NDRs.  I don't see any DNS record issues, and per mxtoolbox we are not listed on any blacklists.  I've been submitting samples to saas_falsepositives@mcafeesaas.com for the last two days and am still not able to send to anyone who uses mxlogic for inbound filtering.


      Is there anything else I can do with McAfee support to get our IP address removed from whatever mxlogic blacklist it is on?


      Our new server hostname and IP are:



      Thanks in advance.