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    scan results, where are they?


      Working with scan results


      When a scan is finished, you receive an alert informing you about the results of the scan.


      i have mcafee total protection

      and i have a scan scheduled every friday

      and i haven't seen any scan results ever

      from a scheduled scan... until today


      (i have for real time scanning but not this)


      it shows a list of viruses from the scan

      i click see all and it shows a list of files

      ten of them... files i've had for years...

      ok until today...


      where did they come from?

      it lists the file names but it doesn't say where it found them

      it says it quarantined 40 in the last three months


      there were two potentially unwanted programs

      it only lists them by the thing they're supposedly infected with

      i click on the link which goes to a mcafee page

      and get this:


      Threat Profile: Water joke


      Risk Assessment: Home N/A | Corporate N/A

      Date Discovered:    1/13/2002

      Date Added:    10/20/2003

      Origin:    Unknown

      Length:    varies

      Type:    Program

      Subtype:    Joke

      DAT Required:    4184




      This is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) detection. It is not a virus or trojan.

      PUPs are any piece of software which a reasonably security-or privacy-minded

      computer user may want to be informed of.




      N/A - This is not a virus.



      N/A - This is not a virus.



      Joke-Water, SystemOK joke


      a "piece of software which a reasonably security-or privacy-minded

      computer user may want to be informed of"

      it's not a virus, has no symptoms, no method, no risk...

      but it's potentially unwanted... because of what?


      there were many joke programs for windows 3.1 and earlier

      screensavers and desktop programs

      some of them mcafee doesn't seem to like

      but avast and avg said they were ok

      screensavers that crumple your screen

      eat holes in your desktop

      you don't see those anymore...

      i used to use some of these and they were fun

      but these i hadn't seen before...

      some of these are from the 80's


      i recently copied files over from a backup drive

      that has been untouched since 2008

      and passed many avg virus scans

      and mcafee began rejecting them left and right

      games i've had for years and never played...


      after searching, it seems the only way to find the scan results

      is to look at the log file which i found under ProgramData

      which also shows where the files originated from


      * it would be much easier if there were a way

      from within the program to view the log file or save the list... *


      the program shows the number of files checked during the last scan

      but the security report only shows what it's found from the beginning

      which is nice, but it doesn't show the results from the last scan


      i see the scan summary on the scheduled scan page shows the number of files scanned

      but that's all it says and it doesn't show the date

      i would assume it's the last scan but...

      the number of files scanned doesn't match

      the number it says in the main window under files checked during your last scan...


      * it would really nice if you could just click on the security report

      and see the results of the last scan *



      Quarantined And Trusted Items


      altogether it showed 48 files on the list in the past three months

      i assume if i clicked restore it would restore them to where they were

      but interestingly, there were 31 files in the quarantine folder

      and after deleting about half of them through the program

      there were still 31 files in the quarantine folder

      and i can see they're still there...


      actually i'm glad it didn't delete them

      because after finding out what some of them were...

      it flagged seven non-animated gifs from denny's restaurant

      like DennysBaconCheddar.gif"   with  "W32/Giframer"

      (i was going to use those for something)


      all of the games it flagged with  "Artemis!"

      every single one... all with different numbers...

      it seems strange that all of them could have the same trojan

      that has escaped detection for twenty years...


      it also flagged a zip of GameBase Amiga games with  "Amiga/Generic"

      since this is new i'm really not sure

      but the label seems strange...


      do i need to research every single one?


      mcafee does really good on the stuff that's current...