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    Slow DNS resolution after installing Firewall Enterprise


      Hi all,


      I'm finding DNS resolution is slow after installing FE appliance. Some sites I browse to time out with a DNS resolution error, but a refresh of the page normally loads the page.


      I'm using the appliance in standard mode with transparent DNS. I've listed our domain's DNS servers in the internal zone and the internet router address in the external zone.


      Within auditing, I'm finding a series of entries of the type "attack" and application "<DNS>". I've attached the detailed view of the entry.


      The source IP is one of our internal DNS servers, and the destination IP is the internal port on the firewall. I've disabled the "Deny All" rule in Access Control Rules, so unsure why it shows that the "Deny All" rule is blocking this request.


      Does anyone have a solution for the slow DNS resolution issue or for the blocked requests I've attached?