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    ePO 5.1 - Convert the Integer raw data output to Normal IP Standard in Query


      ePO 5.1 - So I think I have a solution ...But I am not a SQL DBA so not sure where the correct parameters would be stored to do this.


      When you create a new Query under Queries & Reports, you select your chart/table type, based on <whatever>, then you get to the "Columns: tab...


      There are MANY different selectionsAvailable Columns.JPG


      What I want to know is WHERE in the Database or even in ePO where I can FIND and CHANGE these "Custom" Fields to allow me to Make one an "IPv4 (Actual)" which Using the Query in SQL -


      " SELECT ComputerName, dbo.RSDFN_ConvertIntToIpString(IPV4x) from ePOComputerProperties "


      Would Populate the custom field with a IP address that will not convert to the Integer version on XML output. McAfee protects the IP's on output by converting them into Integers


      The reason below is the why -


      ePO is actually storing the IP address as integers in the range [-2^31, (2^31)-1] so that they will inside a 32-bit integer (and be stored in the database as an "int" type).

      To do this, we take each of the four octets of the IP address, shift it to the left, and the result is bitwise-ORed with the result.


      To take that integer and turn it into a readable IPv4 address, you need to do something like this:

      - convert the result to a long (depending on the language you're using)

      - add MAX_INT (2^31-1) to that number

      - add another 1

      - bit-shift it right by 24 bits, bitwise-AND the result with 0xFF - this is your first octet

        - bit-shift right by 16 bits (and do the bitwise-AND)  - for the second octet

        - bit-shift it right by 8 bits, etc,  - for the third octet


      I need the report to export to XML WITHOUT the integer changing the IP.

      Is there ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, On how to modify ePO or the SQL Database the way this way?



      – It says running a query IS possible, just not HOW to run it.









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