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    IPsec VPN Client in automated mode




      I've have installed some IPsec VPN(5.4.1) clients on Windows XP machines in automated mode. The VPN tunnel must be always online so is vital to reconnect to VPN GW when something occurs in the network.

      I've observed that some clients don't reconnect after a network failure. When I manually restart the VPN service the client reconnect to the GW with no problems. In the documentation I've found:


      "The default connection retry times for automated IPsec VPN Client are:

      • minimum connection retry time: 3 seconds

      • maximum connection retry time: 192 seconds."


      So is not saying anything about the number of retries, and I'm thinking that the client should tried to connect over and over to the GW, for unlimited times. Am I right? Can someone give me an advice with this?