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    Unable To Ping Local Servers


      Good day, I've set my MWG instance as the default gateway of my test device in order to ensure that all traffic originating from the client will hit the proxy. I then created static routes on the proxy in order to forward traffic meant for remote subnets so that the client device would still be able to access local resources, such as file servers, domain controllers, etc. I haven't been able to have the client access these resources though. I've inserted a clip of my routes below:



      From the first listing, with this set up I would assume I'd be able to ping devices in the x.x.10.10/24 subnet since my client device (inside the x.x.11.x subnet) has its router at x.x.11.1 so the ICMP requests should be sent to the 11.1 router thereby allowing full connectivity between the devices on the two subnets. Can anyone advise me on this?