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    ePO 5.1 dashboard showing no data


      We are running ePO 5.1 with VSE 8.8 deployed to 120 Workstatiosn; it has been installed for a number of months without any problem.

      The Dashboard for VSE: Most users detections and Most threasts detected etc, etc  is no longer showing any data.

      Data in this dashboard are was showing until two weeks ago.

      If we run a report on any of these queries it also shows no data.

      Anybody got any ideas as to what can be causing this?

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          Looks like no events received by ePO from endpoints. I'll suggest to check Event Parser service log to get more error codes. Also navigate to ePO installation directory and see if any events dump into debug folder or not.


          X:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Events\Debug


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            Like Ansarias, make sure that all three services are running; if using an Agent Handler external to the ePO, make sure its up and running also.


            Also, look at your last communication-  if your agents are not updating the ePO and you have a time filter on your events queries, you will also stop seeing events.


            Best case- you have such a secure network, nothing is getting in.


            I strongly recommend having a dashboard to trake last communication,  24hrs and 7 days are good time points, if you have VDI, mirror the VSE DAT tracking to swap the VSE query with Agent last communication 2 hours and system type = VDI (better if Agent 5 which has that field) to track your VDIs.

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              Thanks for the help.

              I've checked the dashboard last communication and all PCs have reported over the last week.

              I also went to EICAR.com and copied their Anti-Virus test file.

              This immediately reported in the Threats Dashboard.


              So it would seem all is working as it should and maybe we have somehow managed to purge the database and nothing has occured since.