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    Alter Log Buffer Timing?


      Is there a way to alter the write buffer timing? It sounds like the default is 30 seconds but when I tail the logs it feels quicker than this.


      Best Practices: Customizing Logs and Log File Management


      As a side not, anyone disable log buffering altogether? What was the effect on the box if you did?


      Thanks all!

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          I still cant tell what the buffer write time is, it's clearly not 30 seconds. Are these questions I need to be calling into support for?


          I did disable the log buffer and it didn't seem to impact the box from what I can see.

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            Jon Scholten



            Log buffering helps reduce the I/O required by MWG.


            In the early days we had customers disable log buffering and suffer huge performance issues. I think the checkbox might even be superfluous now (it does nothing -- logs are always buffered).


            I'm not sure what the buffer time is though... it might just be based on volume (kb,mb,etc...)


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