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    How do I shut down Mcafee


      I have several times been caught by a scheduled scan not running until 12 to 36 hours later.  Because the computer if off.  Then when I get started I get interrupted for the 30 minutes to let the scan start running the trouble is the scan does not turn off when I come back to work and I can not shur the scan down manually without doing a ctrl-alt-del shutdown and reboot.  All I want is a switch to turn off everything in Mcafee right now.  It can turn back on when the machine restarts.  But too much of Mcafee and some others running in the background slow the machine down so much I can not even type in a word processor.

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            Please refer to the following thread that has similar issues:Schedule Scan runs 14+ hours  In addition, you may try running the MVT to see if it detects any issues.http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/en-us/downloadindex.html


            I might add also, you can open your McAfee User Interface, and click Navigation/ General settings and Alerts/ and expand. Then remove check in the box to "Wait until my PC is idle" to run scheduled tasks like Scans/Automatic updates/Quick Clean.


            However you have to make certain that your scheduled scan is set to run at a time you know you are not going to be using your Computer, but still on/not off and allow it to run and complete.


            Or you can turn off your scheduled scan altogether , and run a On Demand Scan once a week, or when you elect to do so.


            Please kindly apprise us if your issues get resolved ,or need further assistance.


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              You can also turn off the auto-scan by opening SecurityCenter, in Virus and Spyware Protection click Real-time Scanning, in the next window click Scheduled Scans and turn that off there.   No need to turn off protection, simply do a scan when you want to and with a Custom scan you can opt for various different ways to do that.

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                Actually I would try the suggestion to turn off "Auto-Scanning-Scheduled Scanning" first and then do a restart. See if that resolves your issue. If so, simply Right click on your McAfee Icon in your lower Task Bar, beside the clock and run a scan when you want to.