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    ePo 5.1.1 Dashboard Element creation failed




      we move to a new server w2012r2, latest patch and installed ePo 5.1.1, also latest patch. This server has no internet-connection, but uses a network-repository-pull to get the latest from mcafee. We exported / imported policies/system from the old 4.6.6 (build 176) after checking the products with the upgrade/migrate utility. Now the problem is, that the monitor repository Package status cannot be displayed, due to an

      unexpected error. I found the reason is one of the Linux HF's, cause if the HF is deleted from the repository, the dashboard monitory shows up fine. It's not a special HF, we can replay the error with any HF available for Linux Any other HF or product entered later to the repository have such an effect to this monitor. I've pics attached:


      -) epo511.jpg - if any of the HF for Linux is installed


      -) epo511_linuxhf972024.jpg - this HF is cousing the pain


      -) epo_without_linuxhf972024.jpg - repository after HF deleted


      -) epo511_dashboard_okay.jpg - dashboard looks good


      attched is the orion-log


      important line

      2015-02-05 08:32:25,552 ERROR [http-bio-8443-exec-15] dashboard.DashboardAction  - Dashboard Element creation failed: Repository Package Status

      java.lang.RuntimeException: For input string: "HF972024"