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    Report that shows total events based on similar fields


      Hopefully I worded that correctly. Here is what I am trying to do...


      I am attempting to generate a report that shows all account lockouts in a given period. But instead of giving me a report of every single individual account lockout event that happened during that period, I just want to know the total number of account lockouts each affected user had in that period, and the host that the lockout came from.


      For example, if user JSmith got his account locked out 10 times from two different hosts and JDoe got locked out 5 times from just one host I would want a report that looked like this:


      Source UserHostCount


      The only alternative I can think of would be to export all the individual events into a CSV report and then use pivot tables to give me totals per user, per host.


      Anyone have any ideas?

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          I think i figured out my own question right after I spend hours trying to figure it out and finally gave up and posted it here.


          Looks like the solution is to create a custom query that contains the columns (fields) you want (including total event count per row) and then you can group them. It will group all rows that have identical information. Once that query is created you can then create a table based on that query and it comes out looking similar to what I showed above.