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    McAfee SVA-Manager Not Comunicating With OSS Server/s (MOVE Multiplatform) 3.5


      Hi All,

      Was hoping i could get a McAfee engineer or the likes to give me some guidance around what is going on with the SVA-Manager when communicating with Offline Scan Server on the multiplatform version of MOVE 3.5.


      I'll now give a run down on what we have done and where we are -

      As per installation documentation we have converted the SVA Appliance .vmdk (VMware) disk to .vhd (Microsoft) and gone through the setup process and adding it to ePO 4.6.

      it is picked up in ePO no problem. The OSS server/s are not communicating with it they just keep on saying [connecting] when checking the status with the following command "mvadm status",  we have made sure that the config file /etc/init.d/sva‑firewall  has the below entries added so as to allow communication -


      Port to allow:

      8080 — For communication between SVA Manager and the client

      8081 — For communication between McAfee Agent and McAfee ePO

      8443 — For communication between SVA Manager and the OSS


      sva‑firewall "iptables" that are added :


                  # Allow ePO Agent wakeup call

          $IPTABLES -A INPUT -i ETH -p tcp --dport 8081 -j LOGACCEPT


          # Allow ePO OSS call

          $IPTABLES -A INPUT -i ETH -p tcp --dport 8443 -j LOGACCEPT


          # Allow ePO 8080 call

          $IPTABLES -A INPUT -i ETH -p tcp --dport 8080 -j LOGACCEPT


      But still no luck even when doing a telnet to server it keeps on saying connection failed e.g."telnet [server I.P. address] 8443". However ssh is working fine when doing a telnet to the SVA Manager Appliance on port 22? we have even done a "sudo netstat -na | grep 8443 or 8080 or 8081" and not connections.

      We have asked the network engineers if any firewall between the machines etc. and they say no!

      Any help would assist as McAfee 3rd Level support have not been able to assist even when taking logs they have just closed the call.