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    MDE Client Log Files


      Hi All,


      Im new to MDE 7.1 and wanted to know if there were any way of looking at the MfeEpe.log through ePO ?


      I know you can connect to the agent log file remoteley but not seen anywhere to connect to this log file.


      Help appreciated.



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          The MfeEpe.log is not accessible via an HTTP connection like the McAfee Agent log. It can be accessed via UNC via the C$ share. You can create a batch file to automate this. Here is an example:


          Note: This example is provided for educational purposes only. Any custom batches, custom scripts, or custom tools are not supported by McAfee or McAfee Technical Support.


          @echo off

          echo This tool is used to remotely access the MfeEpe.log of a client machine


          echo Please enter the IP or hostname of the machine


          SET /P hostname="IP or Hostname: "

          net use s: \\%hostname%\c$

          PING -n 1 -w 1000 >NUL


          cd "\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption Agent\"

          notepad MfeEpe.log

          net use s: /Delete /YES