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        Thanks Peter, very informative. They never seem to rest, always striving to stay one step ahead of the "Good Guys"

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          Peter M

          It would appear that the Russians aren't satisfied with chunks of other countries......


          There was a documentary on CBC last night about how the old Soviet Russia is rearing its ugly head once more thanks to Stalin Putin.

          The Russian people are being told it's the other way around, WE are trying to invade them....unbelievable.

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            Yes, unfortunately that does seem to be the case. I hope very soon that all has the "Strong Constitution" to realize this as well. For as you said..."Unblievable"

            And in swift fashion start to remediate the "Bulliness" of Putin.  For he has slowly been building up to this for the last several years.


            Seems like this world of ours is going to Hell, in a "Handbasket". I hate to say such, however with all the Isis occurances and such. It simply seems that way. Now I will Digress.