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    VShield Drivers and MOVE Multi-Platform

    Scott Sadlocha

      Hey Everyone,

      Hopefully a quick question/confirmation. A while back we evaluated MOVE Agentless and as a result we have VShield drivers installed on servers. However, we eventually decided to deploy MOVE Multi-Platform 3.5.1 rather than Agentless. Currently, one of my server admins would like to remove the VShield drivers from a server they are troubleshooting. He has asked me whether they are still needed. As far as I know, they are only needed with MOVE Agentless because of that product's leveraging of VShield for management of VM clients. Because we decided to use Multi-Platform, which incorporates a dedicated McAfee agent, we should no longer need VShield drivers.


      I told my guy that I wanted to confirm that 100% though. Can anyone verify this? Thanks-