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    McAfee ePO Client task to update service packs and patches - problems


      I am looking for ways to trouble shoot my below problems

      I am updating from HIPS 8 P2 to HIPS 8 P4.


      my environment I have 3 ePOs on 3 physically separate networks.

      Windows server 2008 R2

      ePO 4.6.7

      MA 4.8


      I have loaded HIPS 8 P4 and 4-5 hotfixes into the ePO all in the EVAL branch

      I am running a client task that runs daily from 8am to 5pm that will repeat every 15 minutes with missed task running 5 minute delay

      I have created an agent policy against a couple test systems to check the EVAL branch for HIPS. When the task runs against the systems it keeps reporting back in the status monitor

      Schedular invoking task..... (task name). Then the next line in agent status

      next time of task: task name daily update is :Never.


      I have done this on the other two ePO and they pull the patches and hotfixes down from the EVAL branch with out any issues. I am not sure what is preventing this from happy on my 3rd ePO. Looking for ways to trouble shoot this and see where I am going wrong

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