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    Facing Issues while adding vCenter server in ePO 5.1.1




      I'm new to this community and this is my first question. I have got stuck on one issue and need your help to get that issue resolved.


      Below are the details of infrastructure and issue (Bold).


      1) I have two datacenters ( ABC & XYZ ). Both these DCs are having virtual infrastructure of vSphere 5.5 with two vCenters in each DC.

      2) Primary ePO 5.1.1 is installed on Windows 2012 virtual server running in ABC datacenter.

      3) I have successfully added both the VCs of ABC datacenter in ePO server. Menu > Register Cloud Account.

      4) But while adding vCenter servers of XYZ datacenter - I'm getting error " An error occured while communicating with the server".


      Our plan is to install on one ePO server in any one DC and scan the VMs of both the datacenters.


      I'm completely new to the ePO product and hence requesting you all to get this issue resolved. I have tried all possible options like restarting the ePO and vCenter servers but no luck.