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    Someone stole my LG G3 and able to unlock it without my Mcafee Mobile Security PIN number


      Someone stole my LG G3 from my car about 6 months ago, since then I use the mcafee mobile security to track and lock my lost LG G3 so my private data won't be accessed. I have successfully tracked and locked my LG G3 about 1 month after i lost it. Then about 2 months ago, someone who had my phone contacted me asking for my Mcafee pin number to unlock it, he also refused to return it to me. Of course I refused to give him the pin number and I knew for sure he couldn't do anything about my phone. But about 2 weeks ago, when i logged in to my account at mcafee website just to check on my lost phone, i found out that my phone was unlocked. I tried to lock it, i was successfully locked but then he was able to unlock it again.


      My question is how can he unlock it if he did not have the mcafee pin number? The Mcafee Mobile Security App should able to protect my device with the mcafee pin number.


      I love using LG G3 so much, that's why after i lost it, i bought another one. But since my first LG G3 can be unlocked without mcafee pin number, i doubt that mcafee mobile security can protect my data if i lost my second LG G3.


      Can anyone please help me with this issue. thanks.


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