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    RE: PasswordBox Icon - strange behavior on the Toolbar ...


      I'm running XP with Firefox.  When I start my browser, the PasswordBox Icon sometimes comes up with  <off> in the black status box.  When I click on the Icon .. it opens a dialog box that says loading and just hangs there. This dialog box header clearly shows my account name but just hangs. 


      To get PWB to function properly from that point. I click <log out> in the upper right corner.  I get another "sign in" dialog box which leads to another dialog box that shows my account e-mail address and asks for my Master Password.  When I add my MPW my account opens up and functions normally! 


      What's odd is sometimes the Tool Bar Icon will appear and after a few secords the black status will change from <off> to <on>..... without entering ANYTHING!  


      Is this how it's supposed to work?