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    HIPS 8 P4 Upgrade Questions - Does the P4 installed Hot-fix Order matter ??


      This is a pretty generic question I am hoping someone can help shed some light on. Are the hot-fixes suppose to install in order or does it not matter ? See below


      My ePO had HIPS 8P2 and a couple HF in it. Today I loaded Hips 8P4 - the repost and the patch 4 into the ePO along with 4 hot fixes.


      Here are the hotfixes I loaded into the ePO in EVAL branch and updated an agent policy to check the EVAL branch for hotfixes and patches


      HIPS_8_P4_HostIPS_Client800_Hotfix927324 - .2933

      HIPS_8_P4_HostIPS_Client800_Hotfix913276 - .2970

      HIPS_8_P4_HostIPS_Client800_Hotfix923579 - .2964

      HIPS_8_P4_Client_HF917046 -.2935



      So I assumed the hot-fixes would all install in order. During testing out of the Evaluation branch assigned to a couple systems. When I forced the client task (run task now) to tell the agent to check for new patches and hotfixes.  I was watching which HF came down after HIPS update to P4 .2919. It doesn't seem like they install in order of release.


      Here is the order they installed in

      917046 - .2935

      927324 - .2933

      913276 - .2970

      923579 - .2964


      I was just curious if this is normal and if it doesn't really matter what order they install long as they all install ??