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    Download issues?


      Non-tech person here with new McAfee Total Protection.  Why can't I download attached documents or pictures anymore?  What's blocking this action?

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          Peter M

          I'm not sure what  that is without further details.  Is this general importing pictures from a  website or in emails?   I see neither blocked here but then I probably have fewer restrictions setup in mine.

          For instance, Parental Controls could be responsible for that.

          What operating system and (if applicable) what service pack and browser are you using?

          Is everything up to date?

          What McAfee product(s) do you hver installed - as good way to check that is to open SecurityCenter and then click 'About'.

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                                      Are you seeing any Site Advisor Prompts or redirected to the Site Advisor Page? Have you received any Detections from your Anti Virus? Can you access your McAfee Account for instance? I am simply attempting to rule out certain causes.


                                        You can always as a last resort contact Technical Support, via Phone/Chat being much quicker.

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                                         Try running the MVT and see if it finds any issues please:http://mvt.mcafee.com/mvt/en-us/downloadindex.html




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              Also, when you say "New" Total Protection. Did you recently install it, and if so did you remove your existing Security Software before doing so?