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    Drive Encryption report to show applied DE policy?


      My organization has a handful of DE policies that we use to customize how DE behaves based on the role of a particular computer. We will be making a change to one of the policies and would like to see which computers that change will affect.


      I've been digging through ePO trying to build this report with no success -- is there something I'm missing or is this type of report simply not possible?

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          This query cannot be run from Managed Systems like most queries can, it must be done from the Policy Management query set.


          From Queries and Reports click "New" to create a new query:


          Select Policy Management | Applied Policies

          Click Next

          Select Table

          Click Next

          Click Next on the Columns page

          Add - Applied Policies | Category

          Set to Equals | Drive Encryption Product Settings

          Add Applied Policies | Policy is Up-To-Date

          Set to Equals | False

          Save and Run