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    HIPS 8.0.0 crashing AppV application, any ideas?


      Hello all,


      Looking for some ideas in trouble shooting an odd issue, we have an Microsoft AppV application running that is a virtualization of a Java 6_32 a some IE customizations. This AppV application will create a virtual environment on a desktop machine that encapsulates a specific version of the Java JRE (Java 6_32) and some IE customizations for intranet apps.


      Our problem is that as soon as the session is started AppV crashes. If HIPS is disabled on the client machine then the AppV application will open fine.


      We are using HIPS build: 3122 Security Content Version:


      Our HIPS policy is set to log only so it's not actively blocking the application but something in the interaction of the two (most likely AppV calling an IE session and HIPS hooking or otherwise watching the session) is then causing AppV to crash.


      We run other AppV applications and have no issues with HIPS crashing them just this one.


      Any ideas?