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    Remote Command


      Dear All,

      I want to create a action to run some commands on remote device (examle cisco).

      my command: shutdown loopback0 interface:

      But, this acction can not run. I run successfully with single command, but not run with multiple commands.

      anyone tested a execute command action with multiple commands. pls, help me.


      Thanks and best regards,

      Sy Vu

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          Scott Taschler

          If you need to run multiple commands, then your best option is probably to write a shell script on the target box, and execute the script as the remote command action.  Depending on the shell your target platform is using, you may get some success by stringing together multiple commands with a semicolon (;) character, or similar concatenator.  I've never done any scripting on a Cisco box, so I'm unclear if this works in that environment.



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            Hi Scott,


            Thanks for your information!

            I tried that way and many ways, but not successful with cisco.


            Thanks and best regards,

            Sy Vu

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              Manage Cisco interface Status With Bash Scripting From Linux - Toolbox for IT Groups


              The above link shows how to interact with the cisco CLI from a bash scriptlet, looks like you may need a jump box to still initiate the script. Recommendation would be


              setup a jump box and develop the script to listen for returns using expect, and then send data to the connection through the script. For this to be an actionable script from the SIEM perspective, you will need to develop the bash script to expect arguments, and use Nitro to initiation the script using somescriptname.sh $variable that the script then interprets as $variable is whom I need to connect to in order to execute this command.