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    PasswordBox - After two SRs ... still no solution to XP problem ..


      Previous ticket responses haven't solved my problem ... SR-1655102518 and SR-1654315309.  My PasswordBox works fine on my Chrome and Vista platforms and it DID work well on my XP SP3 desktop as well. But it stopped working and it appears that some code somewhere got corrupted, but only on my XP machine. 


      I've cleaned and reloaded PwBox  removed and reloaded and removed a few times and to no avail.  What's ODD is that I can log into my PasswordBox account on the XP machine and it recognizes my password for my account, but when I attempt to log on to the PwB dialog box directly from the toolbar icon with the red 1, it states <Error, please try again> .... and I've done it all ways of sunday with no results.  I still believe your product is great, ..... just need some .....HELP!


      Some suggested that this latest update of PWBox perhaps isn't consistent with XP.  But for me it ran for months w/o any problems what-so-ever.  I loved it.  And got very used to it!   If it no longer works for XP  PLEASE let us know and will find a password manager that does.

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