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    Cloudscout help!


      Ive had this adware called Cloudscout on my laptop for a while now. Its making me have ad popups (Even though I have Adblock), and is reall interfering with my laptop usage.


      I tried malwarebytes, but that didn't remove it. I now also have McAfee, but still no luck.


      I want to get rid of this ASAP, please help!



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          You can try this Reputable Removal Guide:Remove "Ads by CloudScout" virus (Easy Removal Guide)


          You may find these two articles most informative:PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs - Basics

          Please apprise us of your results, in case you should need further assistance.


          You may want to Bookmark this Document created by Colleage Ex_Brit. It contains some of the same Superb Malware Tools as in the Removal Guide I suggested. In addition McAfee Free Tools, such as Getsusp/Stinger/Rootkit Remover.Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools



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                                    The Removal Guide in which I recommended in Post #1 is a Reptuable/Reliable and Proven/Tested one. It is compiled of programs we highly recommend on a regular basis. However, while I can appreciate your input and assistance in regards to the Malware/Adware removal the OP presents.


                                      I cannot recommend the use of "Spyhunter". Short of removing the Link you inserted, I would suggest you read the following review of this program Internet Spy Hunter user reviews and ratings - CNET Download.com, and there are many more similar or the same.


                                       At one point this particular piece of software was deemed Deceptive and actually a Rogue Program/Scareware and a scam.




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                                       Could you kindly apprise us if your Issues have been resolved by the Removal Guide suggested? It would go a long way in considering this thread Resolved/Answered. Or if you still need further assistance, please let us know equally as well.


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                    Thank you.

                    I did all of the steps and it was not successful until I reset and closed my browsers before running the three malicious removal tools.


                    I think it is a good idea to download the three software solutions first, then reset your browsers to default settings and close them.

                    Then, run each of the suggested three software programs in order.

                    Rebooting each time when requested by the software.


                    Then, I reran the software programs again and none found anything remaining.



                    Thank you. My computer is back.

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                         I am pleased to hear that your issues have been resolved If you feel that your issues have indeed been resolved, please mark this as Correctly answered.



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