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    DAS-50 Lights


      Can someone tell me what the back of a DAS-50 normally looks like? I was told that all drives should be green but the the last drive (drive 27) should be blinking red because that's the failover drive. However, blinking red lights are normally a sign of a drive that's going bad. So, can anyone confirm or deny whether that is correct?

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          You should be good to go, trust me when i say if a drive or disk is failing, you'll here "The Beep" 1 second on, 1 second off most likely.

          Just ensure you have it cabled per the installation guide and when you login to the ESM, ensure that the DAS-50 has been connected

          with the proper device (ESM, or ELM)

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            I can confirm that on our 2 x DAS-50 units the last drive (#27) is flashing (red) on and off.