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    Use MWGs named from inside




      I got this system inside my network which insists an talking to a DNS server to resolve some external addresses.


      I would like to offer MWGs named, but it has "listen-on port 53 {; };" configured, so it can't be reached from the network.


      Also, MWGs port forwarding mechanism is limited to TCP (this actually is xinetd's limitation), so I can't simply forward the traffic.


      If I mess with /etc/named.conf: will this change be persistent over MWG updates?


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          The manual changes you make will not be preserved when you hit the save changes on MWG's GUI.

          Every time you save, the underlying named.conf gets re-written to reflect what the GUI has set.

          This is not going to be workable. You need a real DNS forwarder on another server.

          Something simple like dnsmasq might work or any of the opensource servers.

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            If the application is only looking for a couple of domains, you could have the primary DNS server have a zone to spoof that individual domain and return the desired IP address, or you can have that zone be a conditional forwarder to the internet to return the real IP addresses, depending on the desired results.

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              thanks for your quick answer. Fortunately I "found" another system in the border network I can use as DNS forwarder.


              Nonetheless I would like to encourage McAfee to rethink this topic. Actually MWG would become a perfect DNS forwarder by deleting 3 lines from /etc/named.conf:

              • listen-on port 53 {; };
              • listen-on-v6 port 53 { ::1; };
              • allow-query {localhost;};


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                Hi Eric,


                That's not entirely correct. I've made changes to the file /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf.mwg and find that it is persistent until we do a service mwg restart.

                I'm doing this as I am redirecting Google to a different DNS server (it was the easiest way to get forcesafesearch.google.com working with out a DNS server that supports RPZ) since there are 199 domains for Google and I'm not going to enter all of them by hand on to 10+ servers in the conditional DNS forwarding list.