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    ePO 5.1 not showing DLP events in DLP incident manager


      I'm having an issue with DLP 9.3 patch 2/ePO 5.1.0. At the beginning of December I upgraded clents with DLP 9.2 to DLP 9.3. All worked great until late December when events stopped showing in DLP incident manager. All other events are reporting fine (VSE,HIPS). I'm running out of things to try. I have verified that it's not a permissions issue within the ePO console and on the server itself. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the extension.


      One of the things I initally noticed was that there was a DNS issue where the IP address was not resolving to the ePO server. I thought that was for sure the problem and corrected it but that did not fix the issue. I was shooting for solution 3 of KB81399. https://kb.mcafee.com/agent/index?page=content&id=KB81399

      When I go to the registry as stated in the article (solution 3), it states that the agents are 'offline' on the machines that I checked. I'm not sure how to get them to show as 'online'.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Oh, and btw, I am faily new to this so forgive me for any important info left out.