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    How to update a epo 4.6.6 to version 5.1 and pass it to cluster in windows 2008

    Elsa Bravo

      Hello, i have the next activity That do. The ePO 4.6.6 is installed in a Windows 2003 Server and the Data Base is in another also with Windows Server 2003.


      The 2 servers that are being used now, will be reused to make the cluster servers together with 2 more.


      My idea to do this is as follows:


      1. Lift the first cluster on a server that will contain the ePO, but only one node.

      2. Lift the second cluster on a server that will contain the database, but only one node.

      3. Make the Cluster in SQL.

      4. Migrate ePO, according KB66616 and KB71078

      5. Install Windows 2008 Servers that used the epo and had windows 2003.

      6. Attach these 2 Servers to the Cluster.


      Note: For Section 5, this would allow me to have a return back if the previous steps did not work.



      My question is, if this is possible to do ?. if anyone has the experience of having done something similar or the same.


      Your comments will be welcome