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    MDE 7.1 Themes


      I've been trying to get a corporate branded background on the Pre-boot login but all attmpts to get this working have failed.


      The background is:

      size: 1024 x 768

      File type: png

      Size: 623 kb


      I have tried bot option to create the theme:


      1. Select Theme package to install




      Create a new theme based on an existing theme (McAfee Default)


      Any help would be graetly appreciated as the product guide doesnt give any help.



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          I would recommend the file to be this size:



          Bit Depth 24


          The way I normally do this is just by coping the background.png from an encrypted system and then editing it. This file can be found here:


          C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption\Theme\background.png


          After you have the png file, you will need to "Create the theme based on an existing theme" and then select the png file. The other option is to import a theme zip file that has been exported.

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            Thanks for the information.


            I tried the above but it appears to be hit and miss.


            On some machines the theme shows and some it reverts to the MDE Default theme.


            Has anyone else seen this behaviour before?



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              Hi snoobie,

              after adding a DE 7.1 Theme a new entry in the master repository is available.




              Afterwards you need an update task where the DE themes are updated on the endpoint



              The last check is, but this should be okay in your environment, the DE7.1 General Policy to assign the theme.


              Thats all and normally the theme should be available on your endpoint.