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    Artemis!A3C7CB43C2F8  ?


      After computer acting a bit off ran a Stinger search and it came back with this.... It says repair failed. Any idea what this problem is/How to fix it??






      C:\ProgramData\7C1BB7B89.zot [MD5:a3c7cb43c2f8353ead8125c5f86c2f4f] is infected with Artemis!A3C7CB43C2F8

      C:\ProgramData\7C1BB7B89.zot couldn't be repaired


      Summary Report on Smart Scan


      TotalFiles:............ 8451

      Clean:................. 8450

      Not Scanned:........... 0

      Possibly Infected:..... 1


      Time: 00:00:59


      Scan completed on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 23:49:5

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          Quite possibly that's a false positive - Artemis detections sometimes are.  But a file with a ".zot" extension comes from ZoneAlarm Mailsafe, and if you're running both McAfee and ZoneAlarm you'll probably have problems - see the ZoneAlarm section below from McAfee's "list of incompatible programs". Some of these are way out of date, but so is the copy of the document that I was using (it still discusses XP).


          Whatever. If you've got both McAfee and ZoneAlarm, uninstall ZoneAlarm and see if the computer is behaving any better.


          Zone Alarm Anti Virus 2008

          Zone Alarm Internet Security 2007

          Zone Alarm Security Suite 5.5

          Zone Alarm with Antivirus 5.5

          ZoneAlarm Anti Virus 2009

          ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

          ZoneAlarm Anti-virus

          ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

          ZoneAlarm Firewall

          ZoneAlarm Free

          ZoneAlarm Free 2012

          ZoneAlarm Internet Security 2009

          ZoneAlarm Internet Security 2012

          ZoneAlarm Pro

          ZoneAlarm Security Suite

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