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    how to exclude legitimate inbound email replies


      What is an effective way to set up exclusions from spam filtering so inbound messages that are replies to our company employees, from outside senders, are not quarantined? In other words, an employee of our company sends an email to an outside recipient. That recipient sends back the email using the "reply" function in their email client program. Email Gateway should recognize, somehow, that the email originated with our company and not subject it to various spam checks. Is there an effective way to configure this?

      I notice in these types of messages that get quarantined there are some indicators such as:

      "On*<*@company.com> wrote:" and "*- Original message -*From:*<*@company.com>". Perhaps if I set up exclusions based on these wildcard rules it won't apply spam calculations against these inbound messages, for a given Default Policy, yet not open up avenues for real spam to exploit and get past the filter.

      Any ideas?