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    Verification of Download Credentials to DFS path fails


      Hey Everyone!


      I got an annoying issue with my epo 5.1 server.


      Consumers are having issues updating VSE when not logged on (Service Account)


      I went to the epo console to verify the credentials to our DFS Path (%Domain%\%Foldername%\Commonupdater) it failed with "Credentials are invalid. User account IS NOT locked out.


      Changed the password on the service account with no luck.


      Tried to change to path to one of our root DFS servers (%Servername%\%Sharename%\Commonupdater) the test is successfull.


      The NTFS And share rights are the same both places....


      If i then try to do a NET USE command from my Epo server (locally) with the same Service Account to %Domain%\%Foldername%\Commonupdater, i get the following error "A Specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated"


      If i type the same NET USE command again, and NOT giving any password then its Successfull.......


      in the epoAPsvr_%Servername% log i can see that the test credentials returns following errors in the log:



      20150127101513 I #03176           SITEMGR SetEPOMode: SiteMgr enter ePO mode, server=%Servername%, EPOUser=, Password=********

      20150127101513 I #03176           SITEMGR SetEPOMode: Set ePO mode successful

      20150127101513 I #03176           SITEMGR Verifying UNC share \\%Domain%\%Foldername%...

      20150127101513 I #03176           SITEMGR Failed to MAP share using NetAPI, returned error 67.  Now attempting connection using WNetAddConnection2

      20150127101519 I #03176           SITEMGR Failed to MAP share using WNetAddConnection2, returned error 86.

      20150127101519 I #03176           SITEMGR Invalid UNC share credential

      20150127101519 x #03176           SITEMGR SiteMgr main control final release...

      20150127101519 I #03176           SITEMGR Database Shutdown: Starting.

      20150127101519 I #03176           SITEMGR Database Shutdown: Succeeded.



      Please help!