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    How to create this rules.


      Hello team,



      I have been reviewing the KB McAfee and yet I can not configure a client request ....



      I need to create the following policies:



      Limiting bandwidth per user group within the groups already created privileges (gold, silver, bronze), consider the following:



      Gold Group: Full Access except p2p and pornography. (BW limited by cuota30 GB per day)

      Silver Group: Block p2p, porn, streaming (BW limited by quota 20GB per day)

      Bronze group: Only access to office blocks 365 and everything else. (BW limited by cuota10 GB per day)


      Currently I have created the following restrictions:


      1. IP RANGE for each range of IP (Each range is for every customer a total of 3).

      2. in IP , customer list are according privileges GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE


      ip range wg.jpg


      Gold has the following restrictions:

      block ip golden .jpg

      Silver has the following restrictions:

      block silver.jpg


      But I cant only allow office 365 and block everything else for Bonce Clients.


      Please if somebody can helpe let me know with tips, documentation or examples


      Kind regards,